Agile Kerala 2013


Title: The new black


Joe Zachariah
Product Development Manager
Confidential Consulting Company


Agile is the new black. It's been there for the past few years now. You cannot say a word against the little black dress which fashion pundits declare can never go out of style. But it's quite possible that the little black dress is not what your Agile team requires and maybe you require other colors or shades to go with your team and their culture of working together.

I have been a part of Agile development teams for over 6 years now and there are definitely Agile best practices that work, and some of them which I believe are crucial to the success of any Agile team - Release Planning, Sprint Reviews and Planning, Retrospectives, Continuous Integration and early working software delivery, being some of them. But there are other commonly accepted ideas and best practices that aren’t important: if you don’t follow them, nothing bad will happen and your project will still succeed. After all, the Agile manifesto encourages "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". Over a few years, my Agile development teams have just done away with a few practices and our teams are following what I believe is a hybrid Agile model, that still delivers.

Here I will only list those Agile development practices that we have done away with in our teams. The final presentation will include some details on the whys, hows, pros and cons of all of the below practices

1) Pair Programming
2) Architecture & Design on the go
3) Daily Standups
4) Story Sizing in points and measuring velocity over the sprints
5) Writing all requirements in the prescriptive story format
6) The role of the Scrum Master
7) Product Owner as single point of contact with the Sponsor group


Agile team, best practices, development practices, Agile team management, Agile ceremonies


30 mins

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I am still working on the presentation material, this is just an early idea. If selected, I will work further on it. Hence I do not have a file to share now.


Agile Development Practices


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