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Title: Survive in agility islands


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Product owner


I have total 10 years of experience in Software industry and worked in projects in different methodology.Currently working as product owner in the project.I am CSPO ( certified scrum product owner).

This talk is a compilation of the Agile manifesto, it’s 12 principles, and a few basic elements of the SCRUM process.Also how I applied it to my project and see the benefits of it.How it helped us to achieve waste reduction and smooth functioning of the software development.

The SCRUM process is a specific adoption of Agile. It outlines 3 roles of people involved in a project and different way to manage meetings and each SPRINT.

I would include a very nice and short video to explain the same.

I would like to highlight here that still there are projects who claim that they are working on agile framework but are they really doing it in correct way of agile.
Are they following agile manifesto and it's principles?


Agile manifesto,best practices,scrum life cycle


30 mins

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This presentation will explain the Agile manisfesto and it's principles in a way that audience understands it's practical meaning and can implement in their projects


Agile Development Practices
Lean Principles and Practices


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