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Title: Sprint Iterations for Appraisal reviews


Abhilash ChandranTwitter Id
Technical Project Manager


Appraisal reviews are always hard. Traditionally it is done once a year. The manager and employee undergo a tough period of reviews, discussions and ratings. At the end no one is happy.
• Manager
o Manager is forced to provide a feedback of an entire year in few minutes.
o Because of time constraints and lack of useful data, a constrictive feedback is not given.
o In most of cases this ceremony is reduced to mere salary negotiations.
• Employee
o Employee feels cheated because of lack of any concrete feedback
o Employee is not able to proactively discuss his/her career objectives and create a proper plan to bridge the talent gap.
In this talk I will discuss some of the approach we are trying to follow in our group to align appraisal feedback also along with agile sprints.

• Agile Appraisal reviews
o Goals
o Do’s and Don’ts
o Appraisal Metrics
• Agile Appraisal Cycle
• Planning
o Organization Goals
o Team/Product Goals
o Individual Goals
• Observation/Data Collection
o Sprint metrics
o 360 degree feedback
o Sprint retrospectives
• Review
o Metrics review
• Appraisal Retrospective
o Appraisal cycle duration
• Next Steps & Challenges

After this talk participants will
• Understand the challenges faced in transformation
• Strategies followed to overcome some organizational and personal inertia
• Tips and tricks to apply this idea in other places also


Appraisal reviews, Agile adoption


60 mins

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Coaching and Mentoring
Leadership and Org Transformation
Agile Adoption


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