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Title: Agile Certified Disaster


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1. A case study of a web application developed using non-Agile and what serves as an assertion of all that Agile practitioners propose.

2. How a quality analysis and application reviewer role changed to that of a developer!

3. Functional Requirements Document showed that the software leads back again to the design because of the app review!

4. How third-party tools affect deployment at the production-ready stage.

5. Does a case study on a decade or more old set of techniques have any relevance today even if it serves as an assertion?



Agile best practices, TDD, BDD, Refactoring, Evolving design from tests


60 mins

Session Type:

Experience Report


Note to myself

To highlight how the "new deal for software development" - ("") principles and assertion is correct in all its essence.

We assert:

Faith-based bias in selecting and using methods negatively affects outcomes;
Generally-accepted practice is preferable to branded methods;
In practice you must tailor your approach based on the context of your endeavor and the culture of your organization;
Software projects must be steered through dynamically changing circumstances;
Collaboration across the entire software value-chain enables holistic efficiency.
To move forward as an industry, we advocate:

Studying software development endeavors as both socio-economic and socio-technical systems;
Replacing self-serving rhetoric with empirical evidence of practice efficacy;
Uncovering the contextual and cultural fit-for-purpose of software development practices;
Promoting leadership principles based on honest predictions of outcomes and uncertainties;
Promoting socioeconomic improvements as the primary benchmark of software value.


Agile and Outsourcing
Agile Development Practices
Agile Product Management
Culture, People and Teams
User Experience
Continuous Delivery


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