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Title: Balanced Scorecard for the Agile Enterprise


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Summary :
Do you struggle to present the progress of your agile transformation to your sponsors, management and your teams ?

This session will provide an understanding of why you need to present the "agile" transformation in a "new light", using the "Agile Balanced Scorecard".

This session will help you to understand what is an Agile Balanced Scorecard, and what metrics you can capture in this scorecard, so that all your stakeholders (customer, sponsors, and employees) are satisfied and progress can be made visible across your projects, programs and portfolio.

Content :
1. Why does your Enterprise need a Balanced Scorecard ?
2. Introduction to the Traditional Balanced Scorecard
3. Introduction to the Agile Balanced Scorecard
4. Explain the detailed categories in the Agile Balanced Scorecard
5. The categories includes the following scorecards : Business Value, User Orientation, Operational Excellence, Future
6. Advantages of using the Agile Balance Scorecard
7. Rolling out the Agile Balanced Scorecard with your existing Dashboards


Enterprise Agile, Governance, Dashboards, Metrics, Balanced Scorecard


60 mins

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NOTE: This session was also presented at the Agile India Tour 2011, Pune.

To enhance the earlier presentation, I will be adding some examples as part of the feedback
Refer the original slides at:


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