Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Managing Distributed Enterprise program using Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)


Prasanth Ayyappan Nair
Project Manager /Scrum Master
UST Global

Sowmya Hubert
Project Manager /Scrum Master
UST Global


In spite of growing popularity of Scrum as a model implementation of Agile, it is facing a challenge while applied in globally distributed development. Though it's not an ideal “Agile” arrangement but multiple teams distributed in multiple locations is the reality of today's IT world. It becomes more challenging, when there are conflicting priorities and interdependencies within these teams.

This session would speak about the challenges in Enterprise Agile. The issues appearing in this arrangements are sometimes inevitable but certain innovative practices/frameworks can do some wonder as observed. This session in detail covers the adoption of the Scaled Agile frame work - an actual scenario of managing a portfolio of programs & projects for one of the Fortune 500 Client and how the same has helped in overcoming many of the challenges.We were dealing with 4 large programs running at portfolio level. The Key challenges that the team faced included :
 Alignment towards common product vision .
 Prioritization of backlog at program level
Non alignment to architecture vision at portfolio level
Inter team dependencies
Manage multi vendors, distributed team in multiple locations
Different release plan which impacted other teams priorities

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) approach is one that harnesses the power of Agile and Lean , but applies to the needs of the largest software enterprises. Adoption to SAFe enabled us to tackle the above key challenges .

The key observation was that SAFe framework

 Synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery
 Scales successfully to large numbers teams

In this session , we plan to cover the journey - the challenges with normal agile approach , how we transitioned to ART - Agile Release Train and then slowly how we adapted the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) .


Managing large programs /portfolio with eith Scaled Agile ;Enterprise Agile , Agile Frameworks


60 mins

Session Type:

Experience Report


We are still working on the presentation material, this is just an early ideaand a brief abstract. If selected, We will work further on it. Hence not uploading any presentation now.


Agile and Outsourcing
Agile Development Practices
Agile Product Management
Enterprise Agile
Lean Principles and Practices
User Experience
Continuous Delivery
Agile Adoption


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