Agile Kerala 2013


Title: The very basics of Agile Software Development, it's principles and implementations.


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Programmer| Technologist
Tata Consultancy Services


This talk would focus on enlightening what Agile Software Development is ?
What does it mean to be agile, and how can we incorporate Agile practices in the workplace? This session will provide a broad overview of Agile, as well as cover best practices and not-so-good practices to watch out for in both the workplace and in development.
The talk would be circled around the Agile Manifesto and I would demonstrate the importance of agile principles at each step with examples.
Would also talk about one of the Agile Software Methodologies known as SCRUM. How cross-functional teams act as per their roles & responsibilities with one common motive of successful reliable product delivery.


The audiences should have a clear picture about these key terms after the talk -
Agile,Scrum,Sprint,Sprint Planning,Product Backlog,Daily Scrum|Standup, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, Roles- Product Owner, Scrum Master,Developers,Sponsors.


#agile #scrum #agileprinciples #agilemanifesto #basicsofagile #workflow #productivity


30 mins

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Would be attaching the deck once my proposal is accepted.


Agile Development Practices
Agile Product Management
Continuous Delivery
Agile Adoption


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