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Title: Tweaking agile to optimize agile for an already agile enterprise!


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This talk would center around our learning while working on development projects within our enterprise. The talk should answer a lot of questions such as:
Why do we use agile?
Is it essential to use agile straight from the books?
Should we tweak agile for our conveniences?
How much change is good change?

Why do we use agile?

Business has ever-changing demands, agile embrace this behavior. Agile development reduces risk but increases productivity. Agile development creates a sustainable and maintainable development environment.

Is it essential to use agile straight from the books?

Agile is taking the developer community by storm, but there is no quick way to master this way of working. Books are a good place to start, but when dealing with complicated real world problems we have to fine-tune it accordingly. In this section we will share our experiences how we improved our agile process and with little changes came a lot of benefits.

Should we tweak agile for our conveniences?

Absolutely, in order to use agile effectively we need to mold our practices so that they serve the most important goal for the enterprise.
Even the 4th agile manifesto states:
Responding to change over following a plan

Plans might work in ideal situations but as soon as there is a change you need to improvise. We would mention how we improved and mastered techniques for our enterprise.

How much change is good change?

Change is good but too much change may spoil the flavor. We really want to discuss on this because after months and months of practice things might back fire. Agile techniques are balanced skills and one should be very patient with the results. If you change too much too quickly, one fine day you will realize things are not the way you want them to be.
Always consider Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles as the soul to our processes, this will help us stay on the path to glory.
Will further share examples from our enterprise.


Will share tips and tricks to use agile effectively in enterprise in various situations.


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30 mins

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Experience Report


Will share the deck once the proposal is selected,
Thanks, Karan.


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