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Title: Role of Testers in agile World; How to transition traditional testers to Scrum team members?


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Technical Project Manager


Agile has re-defined the concept of testing. There is fundamental shift happening in Agile teams on how testing is planned and executed. With scrum the role of a traditional QA has changed considerably. In this talk I will explain the following based on the experienced gathered by the transition of few groups I have worked with. I will also go through the challenges faced and techniques used to make this transition.

Agile testing – how is it different from traditional testing
Definition of Done
Role of Agile testers
o Requirements
o Product architects
o Pair Programming
o Test first approach
o Automation
o Exploratory testing
o Traditional metrics
o Defect tracking
o Agile /Scrum metrics
Cultural challenges
o Organizational Challenges
o Individual (Team) challenges
o Traditional Management expectations and role change
Scaling Agile testing
o Cross team planning
New Scrum Test Engineers
o Hiring
o Training existing workforce
Moving Forward
o Automation
o Self organizing teams – ( No QA, no Dev team)

Discuss some successful Tips & Tricks which worked for me
Almost for each topic i will be providing my real expereices, teh challenges faced and the ways we have improved our testinng practices.

What can the audience expect?
A better understanding of the QA roles in a scrum team
A Career plan for QA in Scrum
Tips and tricks to transform the traditional QA workforce to new agile world


agile testing, scrum team,


60 mins

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Role and responsibilities of QA/tester in scrum -


Coaching and Mentoring
Culture, People and Teams
Leadership and Org Transformation
Agile Adoption


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