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Title: How does a product shape from nothing to everything? --> LIVE


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Niraj Bhandari
Product Manager
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Niraj and I would enact how does a product actually shape up, from the very beginning when the Sponsors come up with the request to the final product delivery. The talk would be a LIVE demo consisting of various scenes that would help the audience experience a virtual agile project. Would be demoing scenes such as ->

1.) Kick off meet up - The team meets for the first time and understands each other and the respective roles.
2.) Team meets the Sponsor - The team tries to understand the sponsor viewpoint and ground rules are set
3.) Sprint planning - Product Owner explains team about the business priorities and user stories. Team understands the requirements and plans for the coming sprints accordingly.
4.) Story Sizing - Team does story sizing and allocation.
5.) Daily Standup - Team gets together to figure out how they are doing and are there any issues in sprinting ahead.
6.) Sprint Review - The team showcases the developed piece of software and receives feedback.
7.) Sprint Retrospective - The whole team talk along with sponsor talks about positives and negatives of the previous sprints.

Conclusion -

The idea is to take the participants through a real life case study and help them understand not only what is visible but also what happens behind the scene.


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60 mins

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Would be attaching deck once the proposal is selected.


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