Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Communication & Leadership in Agile Environment


Niranjana Nair
Delivery Manager
Allstate Insurance
United States


Just as in other areas, communication & leadership skills are key in making agile projects successful. But the elements of leadership & communication skills that are critical in an agile environment could be different from what is needed in other environments. These core elements and how they play a key role in contributing to the success of the project would be presented in this session.

For Eg: For an agile project to be successful, the project team members need to collaborate well and act as a true team. That will in turn require having a communication strategy in place and all the team members to have effective communication skills. In Agile environment, it’s accomplished via daily stand up meetings, co-locating the team members, information radiators etc. Consequences of communication gap/delay within the project team could have a huge negative impact on the timeline because of the shorter duration of iterations in agile projects whereas in projects that follow other methodologies there could be time to catch up later and hence less impact to the overall project timeline.


Communication skills, leadership in agile environment, soft skills in agile projects, agile management


30 mins

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The length/content of the presentation could be adjusted based on the available time. Ideally looking for a 30-45 minutes presentation.
If any further details about this session is needed, please let me know.


Agile Product Management
Culture, People and Teams
Leadership and Org Transformation


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