Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Using EVM for Performance Monitoring in Agile Projects


Mathew Kurisinkal
Professor, Dept. of CSE
Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kochi,


The Earned Value Management (EVM) is a simple technique commonly used in conventional projects for objectively measuring & monitoring schedule and cost performance of projects. EVM uses three simple metrics and calculates Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) of projects. This session presents a case study of application of SPI for monitoring the performance of individual team members of an Agile Scrum project. Demo of an excel based tool used for this will also be done during the session.

In a Scrum project, it is easy and simple to calculate the SPI of individual team members based on the actual completion/progress of tasks taken up by them on a daily basis. This gives a quantitative assessment of individual team member’s performance. An excel based sprint backlog tool was customized (using VBA macros) to calculate SPI of each team member in the scrum team. SPI is calculated based on the actual tasks completion status updated by scrum master after daily scrum meeting. This information was shared with all team members so that they can view their performance index (cumulative) at any point and take actions to compensate for the low index and improve. Overall performance index of team members were published at the end of every sprint. This helped in developing a healthy competition among team members to perform better in every sprint. On adapting this practice, there was continuous improvement in every team member’s performance sprint after sprint.


EVM, Earned Value Management; Agile; Scrum; SPI; Schedule Performance Index


60 mins

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Agile Development Practices
Coaching and Mentoring
Culture, People and Teams


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