Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Seven tales from an Ever-invigorating Agile Development Group


Yashasree BarveTwitter Id
Senior Consultant
Tata Consultancy Services


The constant quest in one’s mind to find Nirvana, of excelling the way we work, is never ending. Starting to do scrum is only the beginning of 'Being agile'. 'Being agile' attributes to constantly re-inventing and improving the way we develop software.

We would like to present a case study of a development group that has adopted agile, and not shied away from trying newer things to keep scrum adoption true to the spirit of agile. We would discuss seven most powerful initiatives we practised over last 6 years to keep our developers and business excited about being agile and maximizing business value delivered. These initiatives defined the way we constantly evolved, got the new joinees of this group into the culture of agility and ensured that we are relevant to the need of hour.

This talk would comprise of motives behind thinking about these initiatives, vision, road map as well as the way we executed them by engaging our whole development group. We would also like to highlight challenges we faced, and the benefits we derived out of these initiatives.


Culture, Enterprise


60 mins

Session Type:

Experience Report



Culture, People and Teams
Enterprise Agile
Agile Adoption


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