Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Agile methodologies and Organizational theories


Subrahmaniam S R V
Manager. Global Test Center
Siemens Limited


The success of the Agile methodologies, depends to a great extent on the dynamics of the team and their relationships with the stakeholders.

The objective of the session would be delve on the relevant organizational behavior theories and principles on the following areas - which are critical from the perspective of Agile teams. The overall intent is to juxtapose Agile practices alongside organizational theory principles and take the key learning from there-on.

- Need for professionally mature teams to handle agile delivery
- fostering a self-managed team – Typical characteristics in terms of work scheduling, team profile, leadership and addressing conflicts
- behavioral traits of high-performance teams: Technical expertise, Problem-Solving and decision making skills & interpersonal skills
- building a suitable organizational culture : Dimensions of Organizational Culture
- Organic versus mechanistic cultures > Strategy and Structure relationship in terms of Innovation, Cost minimization, Imitation
- Organizational Structure & Design > Structure formulation for typical Agile Scrum / XP teams; Design considerations include, work specialization, formalization, Span of Control, Degree of hierarchical control and so on.
- organizational change management - while transitioning from Waterfall to Agile and sustaining the change
- Reward & Recognition mechanisms > Factoring in the concept of "Joint responsibility" for team performance into the appraisal process; Concept of “Social Loafing”
- Training and re-skilling needs of Agile set-ups


Agile team dynamics, Organizational behaviour, Organizational theory, Organizational culture


60 mins

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This subject interested be since, Agile theory has been heavily influenced by organizational theory. Especially in areas of having self-managed high-performance teams and fostering suitable culture. A culture where innovation and continuous improvement is high in contrast to a set-up which is more assembly line oriented with routine activities with focus on effeciency and productivity.

Naturally as a student of OB, I was interested in this area.


Culture, People and Teams
Leadership and Org Transformation


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