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Title: Productivity of an Agile Developer – from a Messy to a Happy Developer ☺


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In this talk we will discuss our transformation from the days of practicing traditional software development processes to the new upbeat Agile methodologies, which in turn have renovated us from a Messy to a Happy developer. Our talk will be divided into three parts:

* Productivity while coding
* Productivity while doing pair programming
* Productivity during meetings

Any talk is incomplete without some live interaction, in the last section we will demonstrate hands on of few really awesome tools which will take your efficiency to the next level.


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30 mins

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Akshat Paul is a seasoned speaker and has given talks in many national and international conferences. He was invited speaker at RubyMotion conference #inspect2013, Brussels and RubyConfIndia 2013. Akshat is a also experienced Certified ScrumMaster and is also author of the book RubyMotion iOS development essentials.

Abhishek Nalwaya is the author of the book, RubyMotion iOS development essentials & Rhomobile Beginner's Guide. He is a Agile enthusiast and loves to participate regularly at Agile & Lean practices meetups. He has spoken at many conferences, meetups, and was the speaker at RubyConf India 2012 & 2013 and RubyMotion Conference 2013, Brussels.


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