Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Overcoming challenges in a distributed scrum


Abhilash Chandran
Technical Project Manager


In this talk I will be answering some of the common questions asked with respect to Distributed scrum
I will be talking about the key challenges, some useful tips for implementing scrum and technical practices based on my experiences coaching distributed Scrum Teams

Proposed format for the talk
Distributed team
o The need
• Types of distributed scrum teams
o Collocated
 Different locations
 Part time
o Distributed
 Overlapping Work Hours
 Zero overlapping work hours
• Challenges in distributed scrum
o Communication
o Language
o Teleconferences
o Practical tips for distributed scrum teams
 Common tools used
 Audio communication
 Video communication
 Sharing Artifacts
 Wiki usage
• Cultural differences
o Formal Etiquettes awareness
o Working arrangements
o Create formal people to people bonding
• Time Zones differences
o Overlapping meetings
o Use of proper communication tools
Distributed Product Backlog and Release planning
• Product Owner Role
o Distributed PO
o Challenges with different types of distributed teams
• Estimation and prioritization of stories
• Dedicated design meetings for backlog grooming
• Agile Project Management tools
Sprint Planning
o Prepare a Definition of Done
o Invest in SMART development tools and practices
o Pre- Sprint planning meetings
o User stories clarification and breakdown
o Actual Sprint planning
 Full team
 Partial team

o Some practical tips to prepare teams for sprint planning
Daily Scrum
• Challenges
o Coordinating team updates
o Verifying Progress
o Removing Impediments
• Communication
o Tools
 Video
 Audio
 Instant Messengers
o Keep team engaged
o Simple Rules

Sprint Execution
• Documentation
• Communication
o Transparent Communication between stakeholders
o Knowledge sharing
• Effective use of Scrum of Scrum
• Impediments backlog
• Continuous integration
• Test Automation
• Test Driven Development
Sprint Review
• Set an agenda
• Prepare the team and stakeholders
• Work with distributed teams
o Collocated
o Overlapping
• Multiple sprint reviews
• Host it and forget ( provide steps and video recording of first review for others with no overlapping )
• Challenges
o Demos outside office hours
o Network delays
o Tracking the feedback from stakeholders
o Adherence to Definition of done

• Setting the agenda
• Working arrangements
• Discuss the issues
• Respect the cultural difference
• Some common mistakes to avoid.

Last 15 minutes will be reserved for Q/A

Take Away for Audience
• A better understanding of the “rules” in distributed scrum world
• Some common tips to successfully implement Distributed Scrum


agile testing, scrum team, distributed scrum


60 mins

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Agile and Outsourcing
Culture, People and Teams
Enterprise Agile
User Experience
Continuous Delivery
Agile Adoption


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