Agile Kerala 2013


Title: Agile for C-Level Executives


Hari Krishna
Armadillo Consultants


This is a follow on talk based on a C-Level event in Goa, Grand Hyatt on Oct 14th.

The one hour session proposed will condense & highlight the discussion points from Goa event from the perspective of Key people in the making or breaking of the agile.

Discussion points will be based on some of the pointers below:

§ Overview of the Agile Methodologies & basis for selection of methodology
Ø Agile Framework Overview
Ø Agile Fundamentals & Business Synergies
Ø Various Agile Methodologies
Ø Basis of selection
§ How to choose the right methodology for your needs & fit
Ø Evaluation of your own needs!
Ø Definition of my organization success
Ø Continuous Assessment of Effectiveness of Implementation & Tweaking

§ How to implement and facilitate the agile adoption in the organization – A case study
Ø How implementation has to be performed
Ø Who has to perform what roles in the organization
Ø Transitioning your existing team to new paradigm shift

§ Energize your senior and middle management to pick the cherry
Ø Defining the plan & getting to the last detail
Ø Engaging the senior & middle management
Ø Best practices to transition & making it practical
Ø How to be on top of it during execution?
§ Decision making practice in organization


CxO's, Decision Makers, Board Members, Business Promoters


60 mins

Session Type:




Coaching and Mentoring
Culture, People and Teams
Enterprise Agile
Leadership and Org Transformation
Agile Adoption


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